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Using the Data Entry Window

Once you have drawn an object, you can adjust the geometry attributes such as length, angle, and location with the Data Entry Window. You must make these changes immediately, before you construct another object, select a different tool or choose a command.

Try the following exercises to create and change a single line with the Data Entry Window. Altering geometry in progress with data entry boxes

  1. Select the Single Line tool.
  2. Click 2 locations in the drawing area. The length (L) box is automatically highlighted in the Data Entry Window.
  3. Type 3. The 3 is entered directly in the L box.
  4. Press the Tab key to select the next data entry box. The angle (A) box is now highlighted.
  5. Enter 15.
  6. Press the Return key. Pressing the Return key completes the data entry for this object. The line is redrawn 3 units long and at a 15-degree angle.

Creating additional geometry with data entry boxes

  1. With the Single Line tool still selected from the previous example, click 2 more points. The application constructs the line.
  2. Type 4.
  3. Press the Tab key and type 25.
  4. Press Return, another new line is drawn.

Creating new geometry with data entry boxes

  1. Select the Selection tool so the Single Line data entry box clears.
  2. Click the Single Line tool again. The X data entry box is active, showing that you can enter a value for the X coordinate of the beginning point of the line.
  3. Type 0. Note: Do not press Return until you reach Step #8.
  4. Press the Tab key. The Y box is highlighted.
  5. Type 0.
  6. Press the Tab key. The Z box is highlighted.
  7. Type 0.
  8. Press the Tab key. The Length box is highlighted.
  9. Type 10.
  10. Press the Return key. The Angle box is highlighted.
  11. Type 45.
  12. Press the Return key. The 10 units long line at 45 degrees is created.

Creating geometry offset from a point

If you want to create some geometry that is offset from an existing point, you can use the Data Entry Fields to specify the offset.

  1. Select the tool you want to use.
  2. Move the pointer over the control point from which you want the offset.
  3. Click once to lock onto that point.
  4. Click in the appropriate X or Y box in the Data Entry Window, placing the text cursor at the end of the entry.
  5. Type the offset (such as + 3") and press Return.
  6. Continue with your construction