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Space Junk


The Space Junk game helps you learn how to type common word patterns, or letter combinations. The object of the game is to destroy all of the space debris. This game does not become more difficult as your Typing Goal improves.

  1. To play Space Junk, type the word patterns as they appear across the bottom of the screen. Type word patterns accurately to destroy the space debris floating in from all directions. Type each letter in the word pattern as quickly as possible to stop the debris from reaching your ship.
  2. Your spaceship’s lasers destroy the space debris when you type the letters correctly.
  3. If you type them incorrectly, the space debris will crash into your spaceship, damaging it.

Keep an eye on the diagram in the lower‐right corner of the screen; it shows how much damage your ship has sustained. If the diagram is green, yellow, and red, then your ship has sustained very little damage. If the diagram is yellow and red, then your ship has sustained moderate damage. If the diagram is red, then your ship has sustained a lot of damage. You want to destroy the space junk before it completely destroys your ship.

The game ends when you destroy all of the debris, or when the debris destroys your ship.