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D7 Lesson 7

D7W01 I had both good news and bad news from my employer six weeks ago.

D7W02 The good news was that I had qualified for a special training class at the company’s headquarters.

D7W03 The bad news was that the company’s headquarters

D7W04 was in a different city,

D7W05 over 200 miles away.

D7W06 Since the expense of having a substitute home for six months was all mine,

D7W07 I wanted to find the most economical apartment available.

D7W08 A friend told me that she knew of a marvelous,

D7W09 inexpensive room for rent,

D7W10 but I didn’t want to live in someone else’s home.

D7W11 So instead of looking at it,

D7W12 I spent a whole week looking at every apartment in the city.

D7W13 Something was decidedly wrong with every one of them.

D7W14 Finally, in desperation,

D7W15 I went to look at that room for rent.

D7W16 And guess what?

D7W17 I loved it.

D7W18 I learned a little lesson there.

D7W19 Always investigate the most obvious solution first

D7W20 so you don’t waste time.