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D9 Lesson 9

D9W01 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and Family:

D9W02 Why not do something different this winter?

D9W03 Get away from the cold, dreary, and wet weather

D9W04 and relax in the sunny, temperate climate of Arizona.

D9W05 We at the Arizona Resort Association

D9W06 want to offer you the opportunity to get away

D9W07 to a free week of family fun

D9W08 at one of our delightful living centers.

D9W09 Stay in a modern, furnished condominium

D9W10 and participate in water sports or golf.

D9W11 Join our structured activities for young and old at our recreation center.

D9W12 Or just rest, assured that your stay will be customized to your requirements.

D9W13 We have enclosed a brochure for your inspection.

D9W14 Our next orientation meeting for this offering

D9W15 is scheduled for the evening of May 7, 2007.

D9W16 Please telephone us at

D9W17 415‐555‐6784 for reservations.

D9W18 We’re looking forward to meeting you.

D9W19 Your friends at the Arizona Resort Association.