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Exercise 2

Samantha loved her birthday. It was on Halloween! This year she invited her entire class.

Her birthday cake was going to be a giant orange cake shaped like a jack‐o’‐lantern. They were going to play “Pin the Sheet on the Ghost” and eat candied apples! But what costume should she wear? She thought and thought. Her birthday got closer. Finally, her birthday was the next day. She still had no ideas!

Her mother and father helped her think. Did she want to be a princess? A clown? A fairy? No, none of those ideas was just right. Finally, when Samantha was getting very sad, her cat Collette jumped in her lap.

Suddenly Samantha knew what she would be! And at her birthday party the next day, Samantha did indeed have the best costume. Her costume had two little black ears, white fuzzy whiskers, and a long black tail! What was she?