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Exercise 5

Mr. Lawrence Nigel President Advertising Creations 1478 23rd Ave. NE

San Francisco, CA 94586

Dear Mr. Nigel,

Your current San Francisco Examiner ad for an Account Assistant caught my eye because the position combines my present work experience and career goals.

As you can see by my enclosed resume, I currently work as a Public Relations Assistant for La Cuisine Luxe, a small gourmet foods company. We supply all the pastries and elegant picnic items for the specialty food shops at Drake’s and Lawrence‐Lytton department stores.

As I know your firm specializes in food and beverage advertising, I feel certain that my expertise in this area, coupled with my drive to enter the field of advertising, would make me an attractive addition to your company.

I will follow this letter with a phone call later this week so that we might arrange an interview time.