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Exercise 10

Should you gain employment in an office as part of the office support staff, you may not always take part in the actual “business” of a business meeting, but your work is vital to its success. Secretaries or administrative assistants who work closely with executives in charge of business meetings have extra responsibilities, and often have to take charge of important aspects of these events.

Preparation for the conference might include offering alternatives for when and where the meeting will take place, confirming any guest speakers, checking that all who are expected to or desire to attend know the necessary details, and perhaps even helping prepare visual aids for the presentation.

It is during the meeting itself that the term “support staff” really comes to life. An efficient assistant is always ready to make sure this event comes off successfully. The duties here might include readying the hall or conference room (Do the people attending need paper? Pens? Individual pitchers of water?) and even greeting the guests as they arrive. The assistant should be ready to give an account of whom attended.

Follow‐up after the meeting depends on the executive in charge. The room or hall must return to its

original condition, and the assistant tends to the further comfort of the attendees. Follow‐up

correspondence and a financial report of the meeting’s expenses are also jobs the assistant may

perform. As you can see, in business as well as architecture, without support, the “structure” will fall!