Mesh Tools

The Mesh Tools menu provides commands for verifying and repairing common issues with meshes such as welding vertices, locating free or manifold edges, repairing holes, and add/delete/combine/split facets.


• Mesh Analysis

• Auto Repair

• Show Free Edges

• Show Non-Manifold Edges

• Remove Collapsed Facets

• Identify Overlaps

• Check Intersections

• Remove Duplicate Facets

• Fix Flipped Normals

• Weld Vertices

• Remove Unused Vertices

• Close Simple Holes

• Rebuild Normals

• Flip One Normal

• Close Seam

• Make Vertices Planar

• HeightMap to Mesh

• Segment Mesh

• Separate All Parts

• Facet From Lines

• Add Facet

• Delete Facets

• Split Facet Edge

• Convert To Quads

• Convert To Triangles

• Reduce Triangles

• Combine

• Split by Select

• Remove silvers

• Coordinate Compare

• Segment Analytic

• Add Crease

• Align Mesh

• Mesh to Analytic

Mesh Analysis

The Mesh Analysis command examines a collection of facets and displays the following information.

• Number of Facets

• Number of Triangles

• Number of Quads

• Surface Area

• Volume (if closed)

• Open Edges

• Collapsed or degenerative faces

• Overlaps

• Double faces

• Number of parts

• Minimum edge length

• Maximum edge length

• Average edge length

• Average aspect ratio

• Highest valence count

Auto Repair

The Auto Repair command inspects and repairs a mesh for the following instances:

• Dangling Vertices

• Stitch Triangles

• Remove Double Faces

• Remove Collapsed Faces

Show Free Edges

The Show Free Edges command inspects a mesh to see if there are any free edges. If there are free edges, the user is presented with an option to make permanent lines out of the edges illustrated below in red.


  1. Select a mesh object.


  1. A dialog box is displayed with the number of free edges found. Free edges are displayed as red lines in the model.


  1. Press Undo to remove the red lines located at the mesh free edges.

Show Non-Manifold Edges

The Show Non-Manifold Edges examines all edges of a mesh to determine if any one edge has more than two facets sharing the edge. Edges that are determined to be non-manifold displayed with a red line along the edge. Select Undo: Non-Manifold Edges to remove the line from the file.


Remove Collapsed Facets

A collapsed facet contains zero area and can cause issues in other operations. Use the Remove Collapsed Facets command to remove zero area facets from the mesh.

Identify Overlaps

The Identify Overlaps tool examines a mesh for overlapping planar facets. If Overlaps are detected, an option is displayed to remove the facets.

Example with Two Overlapping Facets:

  1. Select the Mesh with possible overlaps.


  1. Pressing Yes will delete the overlaps.


  1. Pressing No will show the overlaps as Line entities. Select Undo to remove the lines.


Check Intersections

The Check Intersections tool examines a mesh for non-planar intersecting facets. If intersections are detected, an option is displayed to remove the facets or display the intersection.

Example: 1. Select the Mesh with possible intersections.


  1. A dialog box is displayed with the number of intersections found.


  1. PressingYes will create lines and points at the intersections.


  1. A dialog box is displayed asking if you want to delete all facets involve with intersections.


  1. Pressing Yes will remove the intersecting facets.


Remove Duplicated Facets

This tool removes all facets that are duplicated.


1.Select a mesh with possible duplicated facets. Original mesh has 160 facets.


  1. Select Yes to remove the duplicated facets.


The Mesh is reduced by 16 facets to 144.