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DesignCAD 2019 User Manual Publication

Dimension Coordinate

Dimension Coordinate

Menu: Dimension / Dimension Coordinate

Shortcut Key: F11

Toolbox Icon:


Draws coordinate dimensions relative to a base point. The first point is the base, or reference point, from which subsequent points are dimensioned.

Point 1: Reference point

Point 2: Point to be dimensioned

Point 3: Location for dimension text

If the second point in the pair of points is set above or below the first point, the X-value, or horizontal distance, from the reference point will be placed in the drawing. If the second point is set to the right or left of the first point, the Y-value, or vertical distance, from the reference point will be placed into the drawing. Finally, if the second point in a pair of points is set closer or further away along the Z-axis, the relative Z coordinate is placed into the drawing.

NOTE: The options available in this command are the same ones available in the Dimension command. See Dimension. You can also set dimension parameters globally in the program Options. See Dimension Options .