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Set Working Plane

Menu: View / Working Plane / Set Working Plane

Sets a specified plane as a temporary substitute for the XY plane. It adjusts mouse and cursor movements accordingly. This feature is very convenient for doing work along oblique faces of complex objects.

Point 1: Origin of workplane

Point 2: X axis of workplane

Point 3: Orientation of workplane

Point 4: A point defining the front of the plane

Set the name and confirm the orientation of the working plane.

Example: Work on the face of a pyramid.

Set the first point on the lower left corner of one of the faces. This point sets the origin for the workplane. Set the second point at the lower right corner of the same face. This sets the X axis for the workplane. Set the third point on the apex of the pyramid. This sets the orientation, or tilt, of the plane. The last point determines which side of the plane DesignCAD recognizes as the front. When you have done this, the program redraws the pyramid with the front of the plane facing you.