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Solid Add

Solid Add img

Menu: Solids / Solid Add

Shortcut Key: Ctrl+J

Adds one solid object to another. It makes a single solid out of two solids, and eliminates any unnecessary remaining surfaces.

Point 1: First Solid

Point 2: Solid to be added to first

NOTE: For best results, the solids should overlap rather than meet exactly at a single face. For example, if you want to stack a cube on top of another, make one cube just a little taller, and place the other cube so that the overall height is correct. When you add the solids, the overlapping volume is removed.

Example: Make a single solid from a cylinder passing through a box.

Select the Solid Add command and set a point on the box. Set a second point on the cylinder. DesignCAD redraws the two objects as a single Solid, removing any unnecessary surfaces.