Menu: Draw / Planes / Parallelogram

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Draws a parallelogram defined by three points as described above.

Point 1: First point for the baseline

Point 2: Second point for the baseline

Point 3: Upper-right corner

A parallelogram is drawn with three of its corners at the three points.


Example: Draw a parallelogram.

Select the Parallelogram command. Set a point for the parallelogram’s lower-left corner. Next, select the Point Relative command (‘ key). In the Point Relative box, enter 6 in the DX box and -3 in the DY box. Press Enter or click OK. Use the mouse or the arrow keys to determine the width and slant of the parallelogram. When the rubber-band parallelogram is positioned correctly, click the mouse or press the Insert key. A parallelogram is drawn with its baseline aligned with the angle of the first two points.