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DesignCAD 2019 User Manual Publication

Solids Leak Test

Solids Leak Test

This command will evaluate a selected Solid Surface entity for leaks and for extra facets that prevent it from being watertight. If it is not watertight, two new layers are added to the drawing – HoleEdges and ExtraEdges. All edges that form holes are traced in red lines on the HoleEdges layer. All edges that form redundant facets are traced in blue lines on the ExtraEdges layer. The underlying logic is this: in a proper closed solid, every edge should be used by exactly two facets. If a particular edge is used in only one facet, there is a hole at that edge. If it is used in three or more facets, there is at least one redundant facet sharing that edge. This tool is currently incapable of detecting self-intersecting solids (such as a circle extruded along a helical path in such a way that each revolution overlaps the previous one by some amount, or a cylinder that is partially embedded into a cube).

This command is available in BasicCAD via the >LeakTest command.