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Chameleon Picnic


The Chameleon Picnic game is a fun way to build your typing accuracy. The object of the game is to help the chameleon eat all of the ants. This game does not become more difficult as your Typing Goal improves.

  1. To play Chameleon Picnic, watch as the ants march down the stick from the right side of the screen carrying either blank leaves or leaves with letters on them. Type each letter as it appears on the leaf at the beginning of the line. When you see a blank leaf, press the Spacebar key.
  2. Each time you type a letter or space correctly the chameleon eats the ant carrying the corresponding leaf.
  3. If you type a letter incorrectly, the ant jumps into the grass.
  4. The game ends when the chameleon eats all of the ants, or when too many ants jumped into the grass.