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Exercise 1

Typing while looking at another page can be a challenge! However, businesses all across the country

expect this of a typist. Once you master the technique, it’s not only a challenge, but also a lot of fun. If your boss hands you a messy, scratched‐out handwritten scrap of paper that he wants sent to a business associate, you know that a lot is riding on it.

Everything depends on you! There is a sense of pride a good typist feels in creating a beautifully typed, finished letter or report (especially when he or she saw that “messy scrap” of paper that originally contained the information)!

So, while the learning might go slowly and the road seems a long one as you begin to type, always remember that this skill will make a great difference in your future. Whether you will be typing office work, essays for school, or merely correspondence for yourself, your skill at typing will increase yo