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Exercise 6

Mrs. Douglas Hennesy 1890 45th St. NW

Sacramento, CA 95816

Dear Mrs. Hennesy,

As a Berkton’s Department Store preferred customer, you are eligible for entry into our “Hawaiian Get‐Away for Two”! And all you have to do is come to our “Perfect Beauty” Care Salon on the third floor and pick up your free gift.

Throughout the year, we here at Berkton’s have appreciated your patronage. You saw us through those long winter months of our Care Salon renovation as well as the “face lift” we’ve given to our Cosmetics Department! That’s why we want to help you get away from it all for a Hawaiian vacation! And to make the wait for your winning ticket all the more pleasurable, we’d like to offer you a sample of our newest skin care line from Switzerland called “La Beaute Eternelle.” This series of amazing products makes skin care a delight!

So, just visit our “Perfect Beauty” Care Salon any time between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and

6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, to pick up the “La Beaute Eternelle” care kit created just for you! And while you’re there, register for your “Hawaiian Get‐Away For Two.”

Thank you again for being such a special customer to us. See you in Hawaii! Sincerely yours,

Carolyn A. Smathers

Divisional Merchandise Manager