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D8 Lesson 8

D8W01 Welcome to the Neighborhood!

D8W02 We at the Smith Department Store

D8W03 would like to congratulate you on the purchase of your new home

D8W04 and hope that you will enjoy exploring decorating possibilities with us.

D8W05 We offer a vast array of drape and carpet textures and colors

D8W06 as well as a wide selection of coordinating bedroom and bath accessories.

D8W07 As an added bonus,

D8W08 we have a professional decorator on duty from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

D8W09 to aid you in achieving just the right effect.

D8W10 And because we know expenses are high at the beginning of new home ownership,

D8W11 with your good credit you may defer payment on your purchases for up to six months.

D8W12 Come in and see us soon.

D8W13 Bring this letter and receive a free gift in our Carpet Department.