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Custom Workshop Pro

Custom Workshop Pro provides an extensive collection of CAD tools suitable for creating, editing, and importing 3D content. Use 3D content to populate your home design projects with furniture, hardware, and other accessories. Specifically, Custom Workshop Pro is used as follows:

  • Create custom 3D content from scratch and bring back into your Punch! Software and use to add detail to home design drawings.
  • Import 3D models from popular CAD software programs such as SketchUp or Paint 3D.
  • Edit or modify existing Punch! content such as furniture to meet your design and style needs.

Custom Workshop Pro is accessed through the Design > Launch PowerTool menu item. Once launched, select the Custom Workshop Pro icon at the top of the list of PowerTools

Custom Workshop Pro can also be launched by right clicking on any object that was created with the PowerTool.


imgimgCustom Workshop Pro User Interface

For a detailed information on tool usage and descriptions refer to the Custom Workshop Tool User Guide link below.

To bring 3D Content Back into Home Design

After creating/editing your content in Custom Workshop Pro, use the following steps to bring data back into your Punch! Home Design drawing:

  • Go to File -> Exit PowerTool. A dialog box will be shown to add object to Current Design.


  • Press 'Yes'. It will write down all the data and bring it into Punch! Home Design

An example of 3D object added into Punch! Home Design is given below:


3D Object in Custom Workshop Pro


3D object added into Punch! Home Design