Hatch Pattern Position

Lets you shift the position of a hatch pattern within its boundary. First set a point on a location inside a hatch pattern, then a second point indicating where that point should be shifted to.

If Selected Entities Only is checked, the hatch pattern is shifted identically for all selected hatch entities. Otherwise, only the hatch pattern selected by the first point is shifted.

Example: Set the first point on the lower left corner of a brick, and the second point at the lower left corner of the hatch boundary, to ensure that a brick always begins in the lower left corner of the hatched area.

This command is used to save a set of custom

NOTE: The ability to snap to a point inside a hatch pat- tern is enabled or disabled in the Preferences com- mand, under Snap Settings: Enable snap commands to snap to the lines in a hatch pattern.

Once a hatch pattern position has been shifted with this command, the Info Box for that hatch pattern will have a check beside the Enable Seed Point setting. Remove the checkmark beside this option to restore the original unshifted hatch pattern position.