Smooth Line by Point Reduction


Smooths complex lines and curves by reducing the number of points in them. DesignCAD divides the points of the line(s) and/or curve(s) into groups of a specified number of points. The locations of the points in each group are averaged, and the group is replaced with a single point.


Enter a value for the Number of Points for each group. To convert the line to a curve, enable the Convert to Curve for Line Smoothing option.

Always show this dialog box: If disabled, you can reset it using the Smooth Options command.

A single point is set for the average location of each group of points. A smoothed object results.

Example: Smooth a complex line.


Select the line. Choose the Smooth Line by Point Reduction command. Click OK. The line is converted to a smooth curve. The figure below is shown with Point Select Mode turned on to illustrate the reduced number of points in the result. The original line is shown along with the results of a Smooth Line by Point Reduction and a Smooth Line by Slope Detection.