Porting of RedSDK render attributes to LightWorks


While TurboCAD supports two rendering engines: RedSDK and LightWorks, now, only the LightWorks rendering engine is included with the product.However, since there are many users who rendered their drawings using RedSDK, we've created an automated method of importing those RedSDK-rendered files and mapping their Render Attributes (i.e. materials, luminance, environments and render styles) to that of the LightWorks rendering engine

LightWorks render of Tutorial - rendering of RedSDK* without (on the left) and with (on the right) porting of attributes:


TurboCAD UI changes for porting of Render Attributes

In TurboCAD, new options were added to TCW 'Open\Setup' dialog:

  1. Porting RedSDK's attributes to LightWorks is ‘off’ by default
  2. Overwrite LightWorks existing items is ‘on’ by default


If this option 1 is switched on, the RedSDK's attributes will be converted to LightWorks.

If this option 2 is switched on, the existing LightWorks attributes will be overwritten. This option can be enabled only if option 1 is switched on.


Tutorial - rendering of RedSDK

The example uses:

  • Materials with texture (wood) and metals
  • Lighting: image based lighting (IBL)
  • Environment: white background
  • Render: global illumination (GI)

RedSDK render (on the left), Lightworks render (on the right) after porting of attributes:

In TurboCAD, RedSDK rendered images are now more accurately and completely converted to a LightWorks rendered image with improvements to this tool in TurboCAD. Improvements include:

- Improved render styles conversion

RedSDK shader/property LightWorks shader
GI bounce and gather
Tone auto and brighten up
Sketch contour
UseGPU is On real time shaded

- Improved light-fall conversion

RedSDK intensity decay LightWorks fall-off
No decay Constant
Inverse linear Inverse no clamp
Inverse quadratic Isl no clamp
Inverse cubic Isl no clamp
Quadratic relative distance Isl
Inverse linear-quadratic Inverse
No decay (3ds Max) Constant
Inverse linear (3ds Max) Inverse
Inverse quadratic (3ds Max) Isl

- Improved render styles conversion

- Improved metal reflection