Setting Your Address Book Options

The General tab of the Address Book Options dialog box is used to control the presence of the alphabetized tab and the data tips as well as the name sorting method and the columns that appear in your address list. Data tips are pop-up boxes that provide a quick preview of contact information. This is especially helpful if you view your address book using the Large or Small Icons view.

To access the General tab:

  1. Select Options from the Address menu. Then select the General tab. The Address Book Options dialog box displays.

  2. To display the Alphabet tab on the address list, select the Show Alphabet tab setting by clicking the check box. Click the check box again to disable the setting.

  3. To display the data tips that appear as you hold the cursor over a contact, select Show Data Tips by clicking the check box. Click the check box again to disable the setting.

  4. To display grid lines on the address list, click the check box. Click again to disable the setting.

  5. Select one of the three name sorting methods available. This setting can also be changed using the View option on the Address menu.

The remaining portion of this tab is used to control the information displayed on your address list. It is divided into two lists Available and Displayed. Available lists the information available for display. Displayed lists the information that displays on the address list.

  • To display a data type on your address list, select the description in the Available list, then click on the right arrow button between the two lists. The item you selected now displays in the Displayed list. Likewise, you can remove data from the address list by selecting the item from the Displayed list, then clicking on the left arrow button.

  • Reset clears all the data type selections from the Displayed list, except the defaults.

  • Once you have made all necessary adjustments to these options, save the data by clicking OK.