Importing Files into Your Address Book

Calendar Creator lets you import other address book files or comma separated value (*.csv) files into your address book.

To import files into your address book:

  1. Select Import from the File menu. Then select Address from the submenu and select the file type to be imported (.ab5 or .csv) from the Files of type field.

The imported file merges with the current address book file, creating a single address book file when saved.

When importing (*.csv) files, the Import Fields dialog box displays. This dialog is used to assign properties to each field being imported into the address book.

  1. Choose the file you want to import and click Open.

  2. Select the first check box to convert any special DOS-based characters that are contained in the file being imported.

  3. Select the second check box to have the first line of the file imported as a header.

  4. Assign each field in the imported file to an address book field by clicking on the column header labeled Unassigned and selecting the address book field from the drop-down list. Then click OK.