Events Tab

The Events tab of the Add New Contact dialog box lists all events in which the person is scheduled to participate. It can also be used to disassociate the contact from an event.

To access the Events tab:

  • Select New Contact from the Address menu, or simply double-click in an empty area of your address list. Then select the Events tab. If the contact is already in your address book, double-click on the person's name to access the Add New Contact dialog box. Click the Events tab to display it.
  • When this screen opens, it displays a list of the events in which the person is participating. To disassociate the person from an event, remove the check mark in the box located to the left of the event information.

To remove event information:

  • Click the Remove button while the event is selected in the list.

The event no longer displays in the list. (See Adding Contacts to Events for more details.)

Note: You can disassociate a contact from an event in the address book, but you can not create an association there. To associate a contact to an event, open the event's Modify Events dialog, select the Contact tab, and select the participants there.