Creating Groups of Contacts

Calendar Creator allows you to group any contacts with similar associations (for example, company softball teammates, book club members, co-workers. A contact must be entered into your Address Book as an individual before they can be associated into a group.

To create a group of contacts follow these steps:

  1. Select New Group from the Address menu. If the group has been previously established, you can access it by double-clicking it in the address list. The Address Group dialog box displays.
  2. Enter the name of the group in the Group Name field. This name displays in the address list as the contact name. Relevant notes about the group can be entered in the Notes field, if desired. Click the Select button to bring up the Participant Selection dialog box.

The Participant Selection box is divided into two lists - Available Contacts and Selected Contacts. Available Contacts lists everyone in your address book. Selected Contacts lists those contacts who are group members.

Note: The arrow symbols in the list headers can be used to sort the names in ascending or descending alphabetical order by simply clicking in the header field.

  1. To associate contacts with the group, select the contact's name from the Available Contacts list, then click the right arrow button between the two lists. The name will now appear in the Selected Contacts list. To remove a contact's name from the group, select the contact, then clicking the left arrow button.

  2. Once you have assigned your group members, click OK to save the data.

Selected contacts appear in your Members List.

To remove individual names from the Address Group list:

  • Select a contact and click Remove. You can also modify a group member's information directly from this screen by double-clicking the individual's name. Then the Add New Contact dialog box displays.

To remove a Group from your address list:

  • Select the group name, then choose Delete Selected from the Address menu, and click OK to confirm.