Troubleshooting Tips

If Calendar Creator does not seem to be running properly, try the following procedure.

  • Run Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter on the C drive (and the drive where Calendar Creator is installed, if it is a different drive letter). To run these applications, choose Start > Programs > Accessory > System Tools > Scandisk. Follow the on-screen directions. When Scandisk is completed, click the same menu options and choose Disk Defragmenter.

Note: On 2000 and XP systems, double-click My Computer. Right-click on Properties, select the Tools tab, then click the Check Now in the Error-check in group box.

  • Restart the computer. When the Windows logo appears, hold down the Left Shift key until Windows fully loads. This helps prevent some memory resident programs from loading into Windows.
  • Press CTRL+ ALT+DEL just once to open the Close Program dialog box. Highlight each item except Explorer and Systray and click End Task to close these programs.
  • Double-click on My Computer on the Windows desktop. Right-click on the hard drive icon (usually the C drive, or the drive where Windows is installed). Click on Properties. Make sure there is at least 50 MB of free hard drive space.
  • Check the video display. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display. Click the Settings tab. Check you are using at least 16-bit high color. Resolution needs to be at least 800x600.

Note: On XP systems, click Start>Control Panel>Appearance and Themes>Change the screen resolution.

  • After completing the above, start Calendar Creator to see if your problem is resolved.