Troubleshooting & Technical-Support

Here are a few commonly asked questions about Calendar Creator and its features:

How do the previews in the Calendar Wizard and Ready-Made Calendar Selector work?

The Image Set preview in the Calendar Wizard is only designed to show sample images in the selected set. It does not control the starting image or the order of the images in the resulting new calendar. Images are placed in random order. Also note that your new calendar may not contain all the images shown in the preview; the number of images used is determined by the template selection. Some templates do not use all images available in the image sets.

In the template selection step of the Calendar Wizard and the Ready-Made Calendar feature, the Calendar View selector controls only the Preview pane beneath it. All new calendar files open to the Month view, regardless of the selection displayed in the preview. Use the View menu or the View Indicator on the Navigation toolbar to display the desired view in your new calendar.

How can I quickly change a calendar's design or template?

Applying the "Change Calendar Template" option on the Layout menu is best used to change the layout for a newly created calendar. If you have customized your calendar with drawing objects, pictures, or special formatting, we recommend that you start a fresh calendar using the desired template and follow these steps to import your events:

  1. Save and close the existing file.
  2. Point to New Calendar Collection on the File menu and select Ready-made Calendar or Calendar Wizard.
  3. Follow the steps in the dialog boxes to create a calendar using the template you want.
  4. When your new calendar is displayed, point to Import on the File menu and select Events.
  5. Use the Look in: box to navigate to the location where you saved the old file. Select the file and click Open.

Your existing events should now appear in your new calendar.

How do I change the display for events that last longer than a day?

If you have entered an event with a Duration setting longer than 24 hours or more than one day, and you do not like the resulting display (for example, the event displays only on its start date in the Event Report view, or it goes into "overflow" in the Day or Week view), use a repeat rule, such as Repeat Until, instead of Duration.

What do I do about a "Server Busy" error when opening the Art Gallery on Windows NT?

If you are using Calendar Creator on a Windows NT system, you may encounter the following error message when accessing the Art Gallery for the first time:

Server Busy

This action can not be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem.

The recommended remedy is to update your system with the most recent NT Service Pack, available at the Microsoft® website.

If you can not or do not wish to update your system, click Retry to force the program to attempt the action again. You may have to click Retry a few times before the action is successful.

This error only occurs the first time you access the Art Gallery in a session. Any additional attempts to open the Art Gallery within the same session should open it without errors.