Synchronizing your Calendar and Palm Handheld

Synchronizing the information in a Calendar Creator calendar and a Palm handheld is a very simple process.

  • If you haven't already created an association between your Palm user and a Calendar Creator file or if you want to change an existing association, see Creating or Changing a Palm-User-to-Calendar Association for details before proceeding.
  • If you have previously synchronized your Palm with the Palm Desktop Software, see Special Notes about Previously Synchronized Palm Handhelds.

  • Start Calendar Creator and open the Calendar Collection file that has been associated with your Palm handheld.

  • Place your Palm handheld in its cradle.
  • Press the HotSync button on the base of your Palm cradle.

The events and addresses in your Calendar Creator file are merged and synchronized with the events and addresses in the Date and Address books on your Palm handheld.

If the synchronization is unsuccessful, your Palm handheld and calendar file may not be properly associated. (See Creating or Changing a Palm-User-to-Calendar Association.)