Synchronizing Address Book Records

The Palm handheld's address book and Calendar Creator's address book contain similar information; however, there are certain "fields," or pieces, of information that do not correspond directly, or that have limitations.

For example, Calendar Creator's address book allows you to enter as many phone numbers as you want for each contact, while the Palm handheld's address book has fields for only four phone numbers per contact. On the other hand, the Palm handheld's address book offers four "Custom" fields in which to enter additional information, while Calendar Creator's address book has no custom fields. In addition, Calendar Creator has limits to the number of characters allowed in certain fields.

Consequently, some information will not transfer directly between the two address books. If non-transferable information is encountered during synchronization, a message will be displayed to notify you.

For your reference, the following is a list of the fields in the Palm handheld's address book and the corresponding fields in Calendar Creator's address book, along with the number of characters allowed in each field by Calendar Creator.

Palm Address Book Field Name Calendar Creator Address Book Field Name Max Number of Characters Allowed
Last name Name Last 19
First name Name First 14
Title Position 34
Company Company Name 34
Phone 1 Phone Default 19
Phone 2 Not transferred --
Phone 3 Not transferred --
Phone 4 Business Web Address 99
Phone 5 E-mail Default 99
Address Home Address 34
City Home City 19
State Home State 19
Zip Code Home Zip 14
Country Home Country 19
Custom 1 Not transferred --
Custom 2 Not transferred --
Custom 3 Not transferred --
Custom 4 Not transferred --

The information in the fields that are not transferred remains intact in the Palm handheld's address book.