Creating or Changing a Palm User to Calendar Association

Before synchronizing your Palm handheld and Calendar Creator calendar file, you must create an association between the two elements. This association helps you keep your schedule and address book records organized by ensuring that you always synchronize with the same set of information.

To create or change a Palm-User to Calendar Association follow these steps:

  1. Start Calendar Creator and open the Calendar Collection file that contains the events and addresses you want synchronized with your Palm handheld.
  2. Open the File menu and select Create Palm Association. Then click OK to confirm.
  3. Select your user name and click Next.

Note: If the Palm handheld or calendar file has any previous association, you'll be warned before proceeding. Creating an association for any previously associated or calendar file removes the previous association. Proceed only if you wish to replace the previous associations. (See More About Calendar File & Palm User Associations for details.)

  1. Click Finish.

Once you have created the association, you are ready to synchronize your Palm handheld and calendar file. Simply open the calendar file you have associated with your Palm handheld, place your Palm handheld in its cradle, and press the HotSync button on the cradle.

Note: If your user name doesn't appear in the list of users, you must set up a user account in the Palm desktop software or HotSync Manager. (See your Palm handheld's documentation for details on user accounts.)