Paper Size Tab

The Paper Size tab of the Page Setup dialog box is used to indicate the size of your paper. Use it to select the paper size, stock, and page orientation of the calendar you wish to print. It is also used to adjust the margins.

  • Select the Paper Size tab in the Page Setup dialog box and the Paper Size tab displays.

The Page Orientation options allow you to arrange the calendar(s) in portrait or landscape position on the page(s).

To choose a pre-defined paper stock:

  • Select the paper size from the Paper Size drop-down list, then click OK.

Note: If you have chosen an InstaBook or Organizer layout from the General tab, the Paper Size field corresponds to that layout. Changing the paper size may adversely affect your printing results.

If the paper stock you're using isn't provided as one of the pre-defined options, you can add the new paper stock to this list by clicking the Custom button. This displays the Add New Paper Stock dialog box where the new stock name and dimensions can be entered.

To add new paper stock to the Paper Stock drop-down list:

  1. Click the Custom button on the Paper Size tab of the Page Setup box and the Add New Paper Stock dialog box displays.
  2. Enter the name or description of the paper in the Paper Stock Name field. Enter the width and height of the paper. To save this information, click OK.
  3. The specified paper stock displays in the drop-down list. To delete a paper stock from this list, select the item, then click Delete.

If you don't want to add the new paper stock to the list, you can change the paper size manually to the width and/or height of the paper.

To set the paper size manually:

  • Enter the width and the height of the paper in the appropriate fields.

Calendar Creator lets you print to any size paper that your printer can accommodate. To print on custom paper sizes, you must first configure your printer. (See your printer documentation for details.)

Note: Most printers cannot print to the edge of the page, so your margins should be set accordingly. Refer to your printer's documentation to find the printable area. If the printable area is smaller than the default page margins, your calendar may not print correctly.