Layout Tab

The Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog box is used to select the numbers and placement of calendars on a page. In a multi-calendar printing job you can determine how many calendars you want printed on each page. You can also use the Layout tab to specify how many pages a poster-size calendar should comprise, or what the calendar size should be by manually setting the calendar's width and height. Only one of these options can be selected at a time.

  1. Select the Layout tab in the Page Setup dialog box.

  2. Use the Calendars per Page option to print multiple calendars on one page. Indicate the number of calendars to be printed across and down the page. The size of each calendar adjusts according to the selected margins and paper stock.

  3. Use the Print Order options to set the sequence or order of multiple calendars on a page.

  4. Use the Pages per Calendar option to print a calendar on multiple pages (i.e., a poster-size calendar). The numbers you enter in the Across and Down fields indicate the number of pages to be used to print a single calendar period.

  5. Use the Custom Calendar Size option to customize the width and height of a single calendar on the page.

  6. Modify the settings as desired. To apply them, click OK.