Setting Page Setup Options

The General tab of the Page Setup dialog box is used to select the basic layout of your calendar. Within the General tab are the following fields/options:

  • Print Mode lets you select between the Regular print mode, the InstaBook print mode, and the Organizer print mode. Based on your mode selection, the Layout menu beneath lists the available layout options. As you select one of these options, a preview of the page displays in the Page Preview area.

To determine which of these print modes is right for you, think about how you want to use your calendar. The Regular printing option produces a single-sided calendar containing a specified number of calendars per page. You can also use the Regular printing setting to print poster-size calendars. InstaBook calendars are printed double-sided with fold and cut lines that allow it to be assembled into a booklet. Organizer mode prints calendars at preset sizes specially formatted for popular binder-style planners.

If you make any changes to any of the settings on any tab of the Page Setup dialog, the selected layout changes to Custom. This custom layout includes the settings of the previously selected layout, with the revised settings you've made. You can save this custom layout for later use by clicking the Save button.

  • The Cover Page field allows you to indicate whether a cover page (with text or graphics) should be included with the calendar printout. The blank field below the check box is used to indicate the file location of that cover page text or graphic. Use the Browse button to search for the specific file.
  • The Blank Form field allows you to print one or more blank page(s) before and/or after the calendar. Blank pages can be used to write down notes/appointments when you are away from your computer.

Modify the calendar layout settings as desired. When you are finished, click OK to apply the settings.

Note: Your print settings remain, within a session, until you change them. If you don't save your print settings, they will be replaced the next time you make changes. If you want to use those settings again in another session, you can save your settings in a custom layout. Your custom layout will then appear among the options in the Layout field.