Sorting Your Task List

To sort the task list do one of the following:

  • Select Show Task List from the Tasks menu.


  • Work directly in your task list in the Calendar view.

  • One way to sort the task list is to click on a column heading:

  • Single click a task field heading, such as Description, Category, or Start Date, to sort tasks by that field.

  • Click the same field heading again to re-sort tasks in reverse order (for example, from chronological order to reverse chronological order).

  • Another way to sort your tasks is by selecting Sort Tasks from the Tasks menu. This option enables you to sort by due date, description, priority, status, category, or start date. When you select one of these options, a down arrow displays at the top of the column you are sorting. The down arrow indicates that the list is sorted in ascending order. Clicking this arrow reverses the order of listing, i.e., puts it in descending order.