Rescheduling Events

A quick and easy way to reschedule non-repeating events is to use the drag and drop feature. In order to use this feature, the new event date must be shown in the same calendar view as the existing event date. If this is not the case, you may change the calendar view so that both dates are shown. For example, if the calendar currently shows the month view and you want to reschedule an event on the 29th for one week later, you may switch to the multi-week or multi-month view to drag and drop the event into its new time slot.

  • In the calendar view, click on an event and drag it to another cell in the same view.

Drag and drop rescheduling is best used on simple events. To reschedule repeated events, you are better off using the Modify Event dialog box. For example, suppose you and a friend have a standing dinner date every Tuesday night. You would generally enter that event and using the Repeat Rules specify: "Repeat every Tuesday." That event will now appear on every Tuesday of every week of your calendar. Let's say, however, that your friend can't make it on Tuesday one week, and you need to switch the event to Wednesday. If you drag that event to its new (Wednesday) time slot, it's no longer tied to the repeat event. It has, in fact, become an event of its own.

Instead of using Drag and Drop to reschedule do the following:

  1. Double-click on an event to open the Modify Event dialog box.
  2. Click the Advanced Repeat Rule button.
  3. Using the small calendar on the right, click on a highlighted occurrence of that event to de-select it, which means on that Tuesday, that event will not occur.
  4. Then click on the new event date to specify the new, rescheduled occurrence of the event.

The result is that your calendar will have a negative exception (i.e., your regularly scheduled event will not occur) and you'll add a positive exception (to indicate an occurrence of an event that's outside of the repeat rule).

You can have an event that repeats on consecutive days. For example, Sue's work schedule is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of one week. You can choose to make this a banner event that crosses all three cells with a single label that reads: "Sue's Work Schedule." (See Adding Events with Details.) Let's say Sue can't work Monday through Wednesday of this week, though she is available Monday through Wednesday of next week. You, the scheduler, cannot drag and drop the whole banner. Instead you should modify the event properties. To do that, double-click the event to open the Modify Event dialog box, modify the Start Date and Repeat Until fields as appropriate, and click OK. The banner event will appear in the new cells.