Advanced Filtering for Your Event List

The Event Filter feature helps you locate a specific event or a group of events in your list using more than one criterion or a criterion other than Category. When you filter events by one or more criteria, the results will be displayed in the event list until you switch the view back to "All" or another view.

The Event Filter box can be used to filter events by:

  • Date Range
  • Text in the Description Field
  • Priority
  • Category

To filter your event list:

  1. Select Filter from the Event menu, or click the triangle in the top left corner of the Event List and select Filter from the drop-down menu that displays. This opens the Event Filter dialog box.
  2. Select one or more check boxes to filter your events. Enter the information that defines your advanced filter criteria.
  3. Click OK to continue and your event list displays with the filtered results.

Note: To filter by multiple priorities enter a number between 1 and 5 in the area to the right of the Priority check box. If you enter "0" in this area, the priority criterion will not be included in the filtering.

To select two criteria (such as birthdays that occur during a specific time period):

  1. In the Event Filter dialog box, select the Category check box, and select Birthday from the category list.
  2. Select the Date Range check box and enter a range of dates (for example, June 1 -August 31).
  3. Click OK. The event list displays with the filtered results and the category name will appear as the label next to the triangle. (For example, only summer birthdays will be displayed in your event list.)