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Customizing Your Calendar

The Copy Style feature allows you to copy the current Calendar view style attributes to the clipboard. Then, using the Apply Style feature, you can apply the customized style settings to any calendar within your current session.

How to use the Copy Style/Apply Style feature:
  1. From the Calendar Creator Hub, do one of the following:

  2. Open an Existing Calendar

  3. Choose a Ready-Made Calendar

  4. Create a Calendar Using the Calendar Wizard
  5. Start with a Basic Calendar

  6. With your selected calendar view open in the workspace, right-click on the Calendar Building Block you want to edit and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

  7. The following are the building blocks available for style formatting:

  8. Title Text Boxes

  9. Calendar Cell
  10. Calendar Grid
  11. Calendar Background

  12. The Layout Object Properties dialog box or the Text Object Properties dialog box displays depending on which element you have selected to format.

  13. Make all formatting selections as desired. There are many options to choose from. When your calendar view is customized as you want, click the OK button.

  14. Click the Copy Style img button in the Format toolbar.

Your customized calendar style settings are copied to the clipboard.

  1. Choose another calendar view from the drop-down menu img in the Navigation toolbar, click the Apply Style img button in the Format toolbar.

Your customized calendar style settings are applied to the selected calendar view. Repeat step 5 with as many views as desired.

  1. You can also open a new calendar collection as in step 1 and continue to click the Apply Style button to any selected calendar view.

Hint: You can also save your current calendar settings as a QuickSyle.

Note: The Copy Style/Apply Style feature is not available in all versions of Calendar Creator.