Working With Pictures and Drawing Objects

Pictures, text objects, and drawing objects (rectangles, round rectangles, ellipses, and lines) can be placed anywhere on your calendar. This includes the background of your calendar, within calendar cells, and elsewhere.

Calendar Creator includes more than 100,000 quality images. This extensive collection can be searched and viewed using the Art Gallery.

Note: Depending on the install option you chose, Calendar Creator prompts you for the disc that needs to be present in the CD-ROM drive.

To access the Art Gallery:

  • Click img, or select Picture from the Add menu, and the Art Gallery displays. See Using the Art Gallery for details.

To add a picture using a drawing object:

  • Click any of the drawing buttons on the Add toolbar img, or select an object from the Add menu. Move your mouse pointer to the calendar area, and the cursor becomes a (+) sign. Click and drag the object in the area of the calendar where you want it to appear, to form the drawing object you have selected.

You can also copy and paste pictures onto your calendar from other applications using the Windows clipboard.