Formatting Pictures and Other Graphics

Formatting pictures (and drawing objects such as rectangles) is done using the Layout Object Properties dialog box. Depending on the calendar view and the objects selected, different formatting tabs appear in this dialog box.

To access the Layout Objects Properties:

  • Double-click a picture or click a picture to select it and then select Properties from the Edit menu. You can also right click the object and select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Layout Object Properties dialog box displays with the Style tab active.
  • If you want to move the object, select the Moveable box option. Click to de-select this option if you want to prevent the object from being moved inadvertently.
  • Click Show Shadow to place a drop shadow behind the object border.
  • The Background section lets you select the shading, color and shape of the object's background. The Borders section lets you select the color and style of the inner and outer border. Experiment with different color and shading combination to get the desired results.
  • The Start Date and Repeat Until fields let you indicate the period of time a picture is to remain in that location. This allows you to change pictures or objects whenever you like. The length of time automatically entered is determined by the calendar period. If you wish to have the picture or object remain in that position permanently, set the Repeat Until field to a date far into the future (but less than the year 9900), and set the Repeat Rule to every day. Click Advanced Repeat Rules and up pops a dialog box that allows you to make more detailed settings. (See Using Advanced Repeat Rules for more information.)