Creating Special Text Effects

The Special Effects tab of the Text Object Properties dialog box is used to apply visual effects to your text. For example, you can select a thick font style, and fill it with a woven pattern or a picture.

To create special text effects:

  1. Access the Text Object Properties dialog box by Adding Text to Your Calendar .

  2. Select the Special Effects tab.

  3. Use one or more of the fields provided to configure a special effect:

  4. Fit to Shape indicates the shape the text needs to fill.

  5. Fill with Picture adds a picture to the text.

  6. Fill with Pattern adds a pattern to the text.

  7. Visual Effect adds style (such as raised, sunken, shadow, flying, or a custom effect) to the text.

  8. Color Scheme adds patterns (such as custom, embossed, gold, steel) to the text.

  9. Auto Size automatically adjusts the text size to the text box.

  10. Wrap Words automatically wraps the text to the next line when the sentence length is too long for the text box.

  11. Tile Picture applies a picture as a repeated pattern in the letters.

  12. Text Angle slants the text at a specified angle.

  13. Color used for pattern applies a color to either the shadowed area, the highlighted area of the text.

  14. Click OK.