Applying Text Functions

Text functions are variables that allow you to create text that changes automatically. For instance, if you add the anniversary function to a text object that says "Bob and Anne's Anniversary," and set the object to repeat every year, Calendar Creator will add one year to each occurrence of the object. In this example, "Bob and Anne's 3rd Anniversary" will be followed the next year by "Bob and Anne's 4th Anniversary."

To set text function options:

  1. Access the Text Object Properties dialog box by Adding Text to Your Calendar .
  2. On the Style tab, click the Functions button to bring up the Functions dialog box.
  3. Select the text topic from the Topic drop-down menu.
  4. Select a function from the Functions list. This field lists the available functions that can be applied to the specific topic.
  5. As you select a topic and function, you may view a complete description of the action in the Explanation field. Use these explanations as a guide to help you select the function you need.
  6. Click the Paste Function button to apply the topic and function.
  7. Click OK.