Applying Functions to Events

Text functions are variables that allow you to create text that changes automatically. For instance, if you add the anniversary function to a text object that says "Bob and Anne's Anniversary," and set the object to repeat every year, Calendar Creator will add one year to each occurrence of the object. In this example, "Bob and Anne's 3rd Anniversary" will be followed the next year by "Bob and Anne's 4th Anniversary." (See Applying Text Functions for detailed information.)

To apply a function to an event:

  1. Click the Functions button in the Add Event or Modify Event dialog box. The Functions dialog displays.
  2. Select a text topic in the Topic field. The Explanation field displays a description of the selected topic as it applies to the selected function.
  3. Select a function in the Function field. This field lists the available functions that can be applied to each topic. View the Explanation field for descriptions of each function and topic.
  4. Click the Paste Function button to apply the function to the event.
  5. Click OK.

Be sure to paste the function at the appropriate place in the event description. In the example above, the text description should read: Bob and Anne's &Anniv.