Using the Address Book

Calendar Creator's address book helps you stay on schedule and save time by storing all of your business and personal addresses, plus telephone, fax, pager, and cell phone numbers in one location. In addition, this incredibly useful and versatile feature also allows you to:

  • Categorize your contacts into groups (such as your professional associations, your daughter's soccer team, your friends, or your business clients)
  • Store e-mail addresses and Web sites
  • Link names from your address book to your scheduled events
  • Dial phone numbers directly from your address book
  • Address e-mail instantly from the address book.

You can also choose to sort and view your address book in a variety of ways so that you see only the information useful to you at a given time.

Note: All address book information is stored in a file called creator.mdb unless you create separate address books. In the event you need to delete and reinstall Calendar Creator, or if you need to move your address book information to another computer, back up this file to a floppy disk. If you have created any separate address books, be sure to back them up as well.

To access the address book screen:

  • Click the Address Book button img on the toolbar or select Show Address Book from the Address menu.

To select your view of the address book:

  • Select View from the Address menu. Then select one of the views.

Single contacts in your address list are indicated by a profile icon. A group of contacts is indicated by the icon showing two profiles facing each other.

The address book also has alphabetized tabs located at the left. These tabs provide a way to quickly move to a section of the list. To remove these alphabetized tabs from the view, select Options from the Address menu and de-select the Show Alphabet Tab check box.