More About Calendar File and Palm User Associations

Once your Palm user name has been associated with a Calendar Creator file, that association is assumed whenever you attempt to synchronize your Palm with a Calendar Creator file. Simply open your calendar file, place your Palm handheld in its cradle, and press the HotSync button on the cradle.

  • If you attempt to synchronize a Palm handheld with a different calendar file or with a calendar file that has already been associated with a different Palm user, Calendar Creator will notify you. A proper association between your Palm handheld and the calendar file must be in place in order to use the HotSync function. (See Creating or Changing a Palm-User-to-Calendar Association.)

Synchronizing with a calendar file replaces any previous association. In other words, Calendar Creator files and Palm users have a one-to-one relation. This relation may be changed at any time.

Note: To avoid confusion, it is best to create and maintain a unique Calendar Creator file for each Palm user. (See Synchronizing Multiple Calendars and/or Users if you need to share information between multiple Calendar Creator files and/or Palm users.)